Document Remediation Services

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What is Remediation?

Remediation is the process where electronic documents are made accessible for screen readers, allowing someone who cannot view the document, hear a version of the text and images within the document. 

We Provide The Following Services

Our services use the following tools

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PDF Accessibility

Excel Accessibility

Word Accessibility

 We use the Adobe Acrobat Pro DC  tools to make files that have been created more accessible.  We use the Adobe Acrobat Pro DC Accessibility Guide: PDF Accessibility Repair Workflow to fix most PDF's along with the PDF Accessibility Checker tool found in Adobe. 

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Word Accessibility

Excel Accessibility

Word Accessibility

For office, we use the Accessibility Checker guide, as well as manual reviews of the Accessibility Checker Limitations that Microsoft cannot detect.  

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Excel Accessibility

Excel Accessibility

Excel Accessibility

 For excel,  we use the accessiblity checker guide, as well as the number of tools excel has  to use to make a document more accessible. 

Testing and Remediation

 There are a number of tools that make it easier to evaluate the accessibility of a document, including tools found on Microsoft and Adobe products. However, these tools most of the time require for manual checks to review the reading order, tags, headings, lists, table headers and provide alternative text for images. 

We do a manual review of the issues to be found within your documents and do not rely solemnly on web based tools or any auditing tool. We use the Microsoft Office and Adobe Acrobat DC Checkers, and provide manual reviews by using  a Screen Reader, such as NVDA and correcting any issues found. Please see below on the following services we provide.

Additional Tools Used For Evaluation

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Screen Readers:

  • NVDA Screen Reader: Popular free screen reader for Windows


Standalone Tools:

  • Colour Contrast Analyser: Tool used to determine whether color contrast is sufficient.


 We have a detailed understanding and application of the Tehcnical Guidelines (WCAG 2.0 AA) at the conformance level AA, required for accessibility. 

What We Do?

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Helping documents become more accessible

Golden Accessibility hopes to work with organizations across the country, all unique but with common document accessibility challenges and goals.  

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Fixing Issues

We don't only find the accessible issues within your documents , but fix these issues for you. We take away some of the challenges that many of our customers face when trying to fix accessible issues all by themselves. Let one of our well qualified and experienced expert provide support for a cost-effective speed-to-compliance path.