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Document Remediation Services

Everyone benefits from an accessible website.

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Golden Accessibility specializes in creating Section 508 compliance documents. 

Our staff uses industry leading tools, specialized training, and a refined remediation process to ensure consistent and accessible results.

Services Provided

ADA Microsoft Remediation

PDF File Remediation

Audio Review (With Screen Reader)

ADA Compliance Training

ADA Compliance Resources

Making Websites Accessible

ADA accessibility is a requirement by Federal Law and in today's world, many people benefit from having engaging, enjoyable, and accessible websites. Some of the requirements to having accessible websites is by providing files that are accessible and readable to users with visual impairments. PDF's that are exported are not ADA compliant and lack the backend structure for screen readers to read the content accurately. We understand the Section 508 compliance law and have experience remediating documents to meet the Section 508 compliance requirements and we are passionate about being involved in the process to assist the public, state and federal agencies to have content that will be available for people using screen readers to hear.

Why Us?

 We partner with our clients from start to finish, focusing on developing effective strategies to create and fix any issues currently found within your documents. We also provide trainings on how to create accessible documents. We want to give each business a chance to grow their customers and make their business more reachable to people with disabilities. Our Specialists will  assist your business stay compliant with the Americans with Disabilities Act laws and Section 508 requirements. 

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